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Jun 29, 2021

Screendragon awarded by G2 Crowd

by Fergal O'Shea

G2 Crowd - Summer Badges (Red)


Screendragon are delighted to be recognized by G2 crowd in their Summer 2021 release of high performers in work management, resource management, proofing, and digital asset management. Here is a quick explainer of each award and what it means:

The Badges:

G2 - High Performer

G2 awards 'High Performer' badges on the average performance score in reviews across all categories. With an overall score of 4.7 out of 5, Screendragon is the among the top performers in work management and associated categories.

G2 - Best Meets Requirements

This badge is awarded to vendors that deliver on their promise to prospects and clients. Screendragon has a vast array of capabilities that provide many technological and commercial benefits. We're proud that our clients believe we deliver on all aspects.

G2 - Best Support G2 - Best Relationship G2 - Easiest to do business with


At Screendragon, we have a flexible product with powerful configuration capabilities, but we do not expect you to work things out through trial and error. Each client is assigned a business consultant whose primary role is to ensure that you get something that truly works for your organization’s needs. The badges above reinforce our belief that we put our clients first and our people are our greatest asset.

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How do we compare with our competitors?

Screendragon is a company that is considered to be a challenger to the larger corporations but it doesn't fall short when it comes to performance - in fact, Screendragon outperforms all it's competitors in the key areas of work management and marketing resource management. Don't believe us? See how the main players compare in G2 below!

G2 Crowd - Competitive Comparison

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Why does Screendragon score so highly?

If you want to see why Screendragon outperforms the competition then why not take a 30 minute tour of our award-winning work management solution? The worst that can happen is that you pick up a few tips from a Screendragon project management and resourcing expert!

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