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JKR join Screendragon's list of top-grade ageny clients

Jul 6, 2021 /

Screendragon's list of great agency clients is growing! Jones Knowles Richie (JKR) will soon utilize Screendragon's agency management solution to create estimates, budgets, and make resourcing a breeze.

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Screendragon awarded by G2 Crowd

Jun 29, 2021 /


Screendragon are delighted to be recognized by G2 crowd in their Summer 2021 release of high performers in work management, resource management, proofing, and digital asset management. Here is a quick explainer of each award and what it means:

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Screendragon to provide resourcing and project scopes for Landor & Fitch.

May 25, 2021 /

We’re delighted to announce a new client partnership with Landor & Fitch, the award-winning agency. Landor & Fitch are the world’s largest specialist brand and design group with more than 1,200 creatives spanning 22 countries.

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Foxtel to leverage Screendragon for workflow automation

Apr 16, 2021 /


Screendragon is delighted to announce a new client partnership. Foxtel is Australia's most innovative and dynamic media company, providing a premium, streamed and live, sport, movies, drama, news and entertainment experience; including Australia’s only dedicated, live, 4K broadcast channel.

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Transforming resourcing and approvals at Passport

Apr 15, 2021 /


Screendragon are happy to announce a new client partnership with Passport Brand Design, a California based agency that specializes in offering creative leadership to global businesses seeking direction on high level brand strategy.

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Gartner - Top Global Agencies Powered by Screendragon!

Apr 7, 2021 /


On 15 March, Gartner released its latest appraisal of the top agency networks, the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Marketing Agencies. Gartner defines global marketing agencies as ‘service providers dedicated to developing and executing marketing strategies for global brands’ and scores each vendor on marketing strategy, creative and content, digital marketing execution, data + analytics, marketing technology strategy, and digital commerce.


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Strengthen Client Relationships with Agency Management Software

Mar 30, 2021 /


Client- agency relationships are shortening and seem to be increasingly more expendable. In 1987, the average duration of a client-agency partnership was 7 years. When last surveyed by R3 in 2016, the average had dropped to 3 years and it’s likely to be even lower now. Many brands now work with several agencies simultaneously so it can be difficult for agencies to foster a special and lasting connection, but technology can play a major role in supporting a great relationship. In this blog we’ll explore why these relationships can sometimes fail and what can be done from a technology perspective to ensure that they don’t!

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The Top 6 Workflow Software Platforms of 2021

Feb 24, 2021 /

There have never been so many technology providers offering to transform your business. In Chiefmartec’s 2020 MarTech super graphic there were over 8,000 vendors displayed and over 100 of these were selling ‘Projects and Workflow’ management technology. But what exactly is ‘Workflow Software’? What features should you look for in a workflow management solution? And, most importantly, what are the top vendors in this area in 2021?  

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How to use Workflow Software to Transform Agency Task Management

Jan 28, 2021 /


Economic pressures brought about by the pandemic have resulted in agency headcounts and budgets being cut. With headcount reduction we are seeing agencies removing layers of project management and administration. All the while, clients want you to produce more for less as marketing budgets tighten. Many agencies have reached a nadir moment.

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