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The 5 Key Questions that Every Creative Operations Manager Should Ask

Apr 3, 2018 /

A Creative Operations Manager is responsible for streamlining the creative production process. They need to bring structure and metrics to the creative process in order to help drive efficiency, ensure compliance and save costs. There are five key questions that every Creative Operations Manager should be asking if they want to ensure creative projects run smoothly.

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Screendragon to Sponsor the  Creative Operations Event of the Year 

Feb 22, 2018 /

Screedragon is proud to announce that we will be the lead sponsor at Creative Operations 2018 to be held on March 7, 2018 at County Hall, London. It is the first event of its kind to be held in the UK, with a dedicated focus on Creative Operations.

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Marketing Effectiveness – Measuring & Learning across the Total Campaign Lifecycle

Jan 29, 2018 /


“So...what was the return on investment of that project then?” It’s the question all marketing professionals dread from the powers that be. No matter how successful a campaign seems to be, those outside of the marketing function perceive it as a numbers game. If they can’t see an ROI, they can’t see the point of a project. And, as marketing budgets continue to shrink, this focus on ROI has become even more apparent.

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5 Reasons to Avoid Project Management Tool Overload

Jan 3, 2018 /

There’s a reason the old adage “time is money” has stuck around. Now more than ever, we’re expected to do more with our time when we’re working. It seems like everything needs to be done yesterday and we’re more time poor than ever with an ever growing to-do list. To deal with this, workers are turning to project management tools to help them be more organised, efficient and effective at their jobs.

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Screendragon is Listed in The 20 Most Promising Workflow Solution Providers of 2017 by CIO Review

Dec 21, 2017 /

2017 was a year to remember for Screendragon. Tech London Advocates recognised us as one of the Top 50 London Creative Tech Start-up Companies of 2017. One of our events  Adapt or Die: What Will a Future Agency Look Like – managed to garner the attention of the London agency community, proving to be a talking point even many months after the event. And, just before the year was out, from across the pond we received one hell of a nod from the prestigious CIO Review – they listed us as one of the 20 Most Promising Workflow Solution Providers of 2017!

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How to Make a Business Case for Marketing Project Management Software

Nov 23, 2017 /

For many in-house marketing departments, the concept of having a quality marketing project management solution in place is a no-brainer. After all, what marketing team wouldn’t want a platform that allows them to collaborate with fellow team members, get better visibility and control of projects and automate key processes to deliver a more consistent and quality output? More often than not however, it’s not the marketing department or even the Head of Marketing who has the power to make that all important, game-changing purchase  it’s “the business”.

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The In-house Agency Series (Part 2): Learnings from the Coalface – Q & A with James Heimers, Virgin Atlantic

Nov 6, 2017 /

In the second part of our In-house Agency Series we sat down to talk with James Heimers, Manager, CRM Planning and Insight at Virgin Atlantic and a Screendragon client. James recently led a big transformation initiative to implement an in-house agency model at Virgin Atlantic. We talked to him about his journey – the challenges, triumphs and learnings.

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New State of the Art Office for the Dragons!

Sep 20, 2017 /

Recently, our Cork team made the move to brand new offices. The new space is a big jump; it's over double the size of our previous premises, has more private offices, more natural light and a lot more character!  

With the continued expansion of the company, we needed more square footage and plenty of room to continue to grow. 

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Brand Safety in Focus – How to Effectively Safeguard your Brand

Sep 18, 2017 /

They say that all publicity is good publicity but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to the problem of data breaches. This unsavoury trend has seen a sharp increase in recent years and 2017 would certainly win the award of “year of the data breach”. First there was Sports Direct who had to admit to their entire workforce that their personal credentials including their bank details had been stolen. The mobile operator ‘Three’ also had over 200,000 of its customer details stolen. This was in addition to a major data breach in 2016 which put millions of customers’ data at risk. Wonga also fell victim, leaking potentially 245,000 of its customer’s person details. But all of those were mere minnows when compared to Zomato who had a database of 17 million customers stolen and don’t forget the NHS whose data breach could have affected over 26 million patients.

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The In-house Agency Series (Part 1): How to Ensure Buy-in for Your In-house Agency

Aug 9, 2017 /

More and more companies are moving their marketing and advertising in-house. Earlier this year, it was reported that 44% of brands are considering establishing an in-house capability in 2017. Significant cost savings and speed-to-market benefits are deemed as the key drivers behind this move. At Screendragon, we have helped some of our clients make the transition to an in-house agency model through the support of our robust software platform. In fact, we recently shared our experience in this area at a masterclass entitled "How to Build an In-House Agency for Success" at The Hoxton in London.

We thought it worthwhile to continue the conversation with a series of informative posts on our blog. In the first in a series of posts around building an in-house agency, we provide some key tips on how to ensure buy-in for your in-house agency.

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