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The agency-client relationship is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

Apr 11, 2017 /

Recent research compiled by IBSA, a membership group representing British Advertisers, has shown a growing number of UK advertisers are moving to in-house or on-site agency services. It’s a trend that’s already in full swing in the US with as much as 58% of US advertisers having made or in the process of making the transition.

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Do Agencies Need to be All Things to all People?

Feb 10, 2017 /

The 1980’s, when ultravox was number one in the charts, Cher still had most of her original body parts and fluorescent was the new black. It was a time when you felt naked without half a can of hairspray on your head and a ghetto blaster on your shoulder. It was also the time of the full-service agency. A one-stop-shop for clients to have all of their marketing and advertising needs fulfilled. Of course, in those days there were really only ever three needs: TV ads, radio ads and newspaper ads. Then the evil internet came along and supposedly, ruined things for us all.

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Bonjour, Buenos Días, Guten Morgen! – Say Hi to a New Localised Screendragon

Feb 10, 2017 /

Screendragon is delighted to announce that our product platform is now available in more global languages! Customers can now navigate through our system in Spanish, German, French and Portuguese (Brazilian) – enabling them to better serve international markets and of course, connect with their global teams.

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How to future-proof your marketing department

Jan 30, 2017 /

One of the great things about marketing and probably one of the reasons you got into marketing yourself is because it’s exciting and ever changing. Constantly adapting to, and in some cases – leading the way in social, behavioural change. There isn’t a day goes by without a new campaign going viral, nor a week that goes by without a new marketing methodology or technology coming to market. But it’s a double-edged sword. If you’re in marketing, in particular – if you lead a marketing department, how do you keep up? How do you choose which new platforms to market on and which new methodologies are right for your company? Most importantly – how do you stay relevant? Below we’ve put together a few suggestions to help keep you on top of your game and future proof your marketing department.

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CMOs! Here's How to Spend More Time on Actual Marketing and less on Admin Work

Jan 27, 2017 /

Last year, the Former Homebase CMO, Jo Kendrick, spoke to an audience about her role as a CMO and how it left her very little time to do actual marketing. She was formally one of six members on the board at Homebase and said she spent her time “running a business employing 17,000 people, with margins and profit that were paper thin”. The majority of her time she said, was spent “trying to figure out how to balance the books and make some money”.

Ring any bells?

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Agencies! Save the Talent and Kill the Chaos in 2017

Jan 9, 2017 /

An agency is nothing without good talent. What’s more, good talent is useless without effective management. So often in agencies, resources are thrown into projects in a last minute rush to meet client demands it doesn’t matter if they are being dragged away from other projects or if their skills aren’t a great match for that particular job. There is always a client who shouts the loudest or requires that bit more attention, whether that be a once-off scenario or a constant battle. When the pressure is on, plans and schedules can quickly go out the window.

While many tell themselves that it’s a once-off and it won’t happen again, in reality it isn’t. Chaos has become the norm in many agencies and there is only so long an agency can function on chaos; over-time resources get burnt-out, staff turnover increases, clients suffer and inevitably, profits dwindle.

For many, this is what the agency of 2017 looks like or will look like. It needn’t be the case.

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Coping with agency disruption – how to deliver new levels of service & excellence

Jan 3, 2017 /

When you work in one of the most dynamic and competitive industries on the planet (I am of course talking about the world of advertising and marketing), one of the things you can’t help noticing is the sheer volume of new platforms, tools and concepts that come into being every year. With them comes a whole range of new challenges and the obvious question of, do we need to be offering this at our agency? If you are to stay at the forefront of the industry or at least remain highly competitive and keep your clients happy – the answer is nearly always 'yes'. But as your service offering grows and each project becomes more and more complex, how do you continue to ensure that your projects are completed on time and remain profitable?

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Why more Facebook style collaboration is not the answer to workplace productivity

Dec 21, 2016 /

In an already crowded market space, Microsoft and Facebook both recently announced new or new versions of their business collaboration software. In an apparent knee-jerk reaction to the attention Slack has been getting, both giants piled into the market to demonstrate their muscle. 

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5 Productivity Roadblocks that Agency Teams Face

Dec 12, 2016 /

That project. You know the one. It sounded great in the beginning but it just didn’t quite live up to the initial buzz. It could have been so much more if only... if only what? Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on why a project didn’t fulfil what it initially set out to achieve. The ideas were flowing, everyone seemed busy doing their bit  – yet the project was still a failure. Why was that?

Of course, typically, the consequences of not succeeding are clear. Money down the drain, massive amounts of time wasted that could have been spent better elsewhere, maybe even a lost (or at least, very disappointed) client. Failure is expensive – from a monetary, time and emotional perspective so how do you make sure it doesn’t happen again? Here are five areas to pay closer attention to in your future projects.  

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How to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Dec 2, 2016 /

We know what you’re thinking and yes, you’re right – it does sound like a phrase you would find on a HR website or on the “About Us” page of your own company website. But creating a culture of continuous improvement has serious implications when it comes to marketing and agency teams, whether that be internal departments within organisations or stand-alone agencies. Lower costs, higher margins, increased productivity and better results are just some of the benefits up for grabs.

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