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Agencies! Save the Talent and Kill the Chaos in 2017

Jan 9, 2017 /

An agency is nothing without good talent. What’s more, good talent is useless without effective management. So often in agencies, resources are thrown into projects in a last minute rush to meet client demands it doesn’t matter if they are being dragged away from other projects or if their skills aren’t a great match for that particular job. There is always a client who shouts the loudest or requires that bit more attention, whether that be a once-off scenario or a constant battle. When the pressure is on, plans and schedules can quickly go out the window.

While many tell themselves that it’s a once-off and it won’t happen again, in reality it isn’t. Chaos has become the norm in many agencies and there is only so long an agency can function on chaos; over-time resources get burnt-out, staff turnover increases, clients suffer and inevitably, profits dwindle.

For many, this is what the agency of 2017 looks like or will look like. It needn’t be the case.

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Coping with agency disruption – how to deliver new levels of service & excellence

Jan 3, 2017 /

When you work in one of the most dynamic and competitive industries on the planet (I am of course talking about the world of advertising and marketing), one of the things you can’t help noticing is the sheer volume of new platforms, tools and concepts that come into being every year. With them comes a whole range of new challenges and the obvious question of, do we need to be offering this at our agency? If you are to stay at the forefront of the industry or at least remain highly competitive and keep your clients happy – the answer is nearly always 'yes'. But as your service offering grows and each project becomes more and more complex, how do you continue to ensure that your projects are completed on time and remain profitable?

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Why more Facebook style collaboration is not the answer to workplace productivity

Dec 21, 2016 /

In an already crowded market space, Microsoft and Facebook both recently announced new or new versions of their business collaboration software. In an apparent knee-jerk reaction to the attention Slack has been getting, both giants piled into the market to demonstrate their muscle. 

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5 Productivity Roadblocks that Agency Teams Face

Dec 12, 2016 /

That project. You know the one. It sounded great in the beginning but it just didn’t quite live up to the initial buzz. It could have been so much more if only... if only what? Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on why a project didn’t fulfil what it initially set out to achieve. The ideas were flowing, everyone seemed busy doing their bit  – yet the project was still a failure. Why was that?

Of course, typically, the consequences of not succeeding are clear. Money down the drain, massive amounts of time wasted that could have been spent better elsewhere, maybe even a lost (or at least, very disappointed) client. Failure is expensive – from a monetary, time and emotional perspective so how do you make sure it doesn’t happen again? Here are five areas to pay closer attention to in your future projects.  

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How to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Dec 2, 2016 /

We know what you’re thinking and yes, you’re right – it does sound like a phrase you would find on a HR website or on the “About Us” page of your own company website. But creating a culture of continuous improvement has serious implications when it comes to marketing and agency teams, whether that be internal departments within organisations or stand-alone agencies. Lower costs, higher margins, increased productivity and better results are just some of the benefits up for grabs.

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Steve Jobs was Right – Design is How it Works

Nov 17, 2016 /

Design is at the core of our product at Screendragon. Our unique UX is what sets our software apart from other advanced project management solutions and it is something that we’re truly proud of. Of course, Steve Jobs was a strong advocate for UX, with many believing we have him to thank for the now thriving UX industry. In a 2003 article for the New York Times, Jobs gave an explanation of design that Screendragon can most definitely identify with: 

''People think it's this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told, 'Make it look good!' That's not what we think design is. It's not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.''

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Screendragon Makes SVC2UK Top 50 Scale-Up Companies

Nov 17, 2016 /

Screendragon was delighted to have recently been listed as one of the Top 50 Silicon Valley Comes To The UK (SVC2UK) Scale-Up Companies in 2016. SVC2UK is currently in its tenth year of operation, it was launched in 2006 by leading investors and entrepreneurs Sherry Coutu CBE, Reid Hoffman and Ellen Levy.

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The one question that a CMO shouldn’t have to ask - who is doing what and when?

Nov 9, 2016 /

The modern day marketing team is a bit of a mixed bag  keeping tabs on all of the different roles isn’t an easy task, but nevertheless, it is a requirement. How can you expect to make smart decisions about budget spend if you don’t know exactly how your campaigns or resources are performing?

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We're Bringing Design Thinking to PEX Amsterdam

Sep 29, 2016 /

Screendragon will be bringing a touch of original thinking to the upcoming PEX & Performance Management Europe Conference in Amsterdam on October 11th. Our roundtable discussion, “Adoption! How can you use design thinking to engage users with processes and systems?", aims to explore the role of design in process adoption a significant aspect that is sometimes overlooked.

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Screendragon Joins Mayor of London on US Trade Mission

Sep 29, 2016 /

Screendragon was lucky enough to be part of a delegation of 23 high-performing London tech companies to join the Mayor of London on an international trade mission in the U.S. this month. The main focus of the mission was to explore opportunities to expand and export to the US market as well as to look to secure extra investment.

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